Commercialize at lower production volumes

AkiraNET's chipsets do not rely on aggregated volume manufacturing to move production forward. We can design your solution at a much lower end cost, making a product's value to the user more important than total market size. Under the traditional IFM production model, chipmakers are incentivized to amortize their latest production facilities, often restricting the economic viability of products to those of the previous generation. The same dynamic that gave rise to the fabless model now enables "virtualized" fabless. AkiraNET's software-defined architecture significantly removes the volume-production hurdles.

Software-Defined Radio Wi-Fi 6E Chipsets

Optimal performance in mobile, computing, and networking

AkiraNET's Wi-Fi 6E chipsets put you at the forefront of this user-experience revolution, enabling frontier applications such as machine analytics, remote maintenance, and virtual employee training. We can tailor your design to operate within any channel in the 6 GHz band and even the 160 MHz channel to bring you the greatest speed, lowest latency, and largest capacity possible.

Software defined radio

Dynamic software-defined logic to adjust modulation for different frequencies and protocols.

Cognitive radio

Adaptive channel selection for concurrent transmission and less interference.

Dynamic power adjustment

Chipsets dynamically adjust to the minimum necessary power, reducing interference for all devices in the vicinity.

Easy Configuration

"Software-defined" means we can emulate the performance of hardware-based systems. Overcome current hardware and supplier constraints and even transcend them as technology develops. Enhancing performance is now matter of software design and a new firmware burn-in, improving the cost–performance balance and the customer experience.

Streamlined development

Our solutions encompass the entire CPU and software stack, giving you a single development partner for better overall optimization.

Better time-to-market

Bypass spec. limitations provided by OEMs and ODMs, accelerating product delivery and optimization.

Future proof

Keep up-to-date with performance enhancements as standards evolve

 (ex.: Wi-Fi 6E).

Moore's Law breaking down, but performance still improves.

Process technology has become more complex and expensive, lagging the pace of current application development. Through AkiraNET's expertise at the hardware–software interface, you can realize your design's demands for higher speed and lower latency, keep ahead of the competition, and enlist early adopters.

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