Wi-Fi 6E Mesh

Just as connectivity scenarios are highly localized, our Wi-Fi mesh chipsets are tailored to your unique needs, optimized for seamless IoT connectivity & maximum throughput.

Specifications include: Backwards-compatibility (Wi-Fi 1 through Wi-Fi 6E) & QUAD-BAND QUAD-CONCURRENT technology

Clear 6 GHz spectrum + design simplicity

Enjoy all of the capacity, speed, and low-latency of the clear 6 GHz spectrum PLUS the superior power performance of a single parallel-processing chip.

Node-mesh design

The first node with the AkiraNET chipset links with a gateway, and additional nodes join the network as they are powered on.

Better signal coverage

Nodes can be moved on-the-fly to areas where a strong wireless signal is needed.

Home IoT Applications

As the Internet of Things evolves, developers must grapple with changing requirements, price competition, and interoperability constraints. AkiraNET's software-programmable solution cuts across a broad range of market segments, with all IoT frequencies supported in a single AkiraNET chipset, including:

Wi-Fi 6E





Our solution is designed for maximum interoperability, security, and power savings…or optimized to more extreme specifications.

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